South Sea Islanders arriving in Bundaberg by ship, c1893. Collection of John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

Collection of John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland image 2246

South Sea Islander recruitment, New Hebrides, 1893

1 January 1893
22 October 2010
22 October 2010



Collection of Queensland State Archives

Map of the New Hebrides with handwritten numbers indicating where and how many South Sea Islanders were taken on board during the twentieth voyage of the Labour Vessel, Ariel, 1893 and list of Islanders 'recruited' on this voyage. Collection of the Queensland State Archives

White Society used them as labourers when needed and discarded them when no longer needed: they were coerced and expendable labour

Block plan, Eagle Street, Longreach, south side of Eagle Street between Swan and Duck Streets. Queensland State Archives, 109249.

Queensland State Archives, 109249

A pestiferous place of pollution, Truth (Brisbane), 2 October 1904. A typically scurrilous newspaper article emphasising the racial composition of prostitution in Queensland.

Plan of the Fortitude Valley police station, c1903. Queensland Police Museum

Her Majesty’s Prison for Women opened in October 1903 and was the first purpose built prison for women in Queensland. It replaced the women’s prison at Toowoomba and smaller lock-up facilities at Fortitude Valley. The latter was used to hold prisoners serving sentences of less than one month, those awaiting trial, or those being transferred to Toowoomba. The new Fortitude Valley facility was erected in 1889.

Queensland Police Museum

Antonio’s brothel in Albert Street, Brisbane, 1905, an alleged brothel operating under the guise of an Oyster saloon. Truth (Brisbane) 28 May 1905

Section 231, Criminal Code Act, 1899 (63 Vic No 9) and A digest of the Statutory Law in force in Queensland on the first day of January 1896, with a table of the statutes, prepared by

A Japanese prostitute and an Aboriginal woman in Northern Australia, The Bulletin, 7 January 1904.

Mount Morgan, 1890-93. Photographs (Richardson Collection), Fryer Library, University of Queensland

Collection of Fryer Library, University of Queensland

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