Sketch outlining proposed position of School Reserve, Mount Shamrock

Mount Shamrock, QLD
18 October 2010
18 October 2010


Mount Shamrock, QLD

Collection of Geraldine Mate

For early settlers at Mount Shamrock, a nineteenth century gold mining township west of Maryborough, the key features in their landscape were the mining operations, water, transport routes and of course the Post Office and Hotel – all important things in their everyday life. Collection of Geraldine Mate.

Fig tree at Springfield (photograph Luke Keogh), Hoop Pine at Mount Shamrock (photograph Geraldine Mate), Tamarind tree at Bentic Island (photograph Daniel Rosendahl).

There is still something left behind.

Copyright © Collection of Luke Keogh, Geraldine Mate, Daniel Rosendahl

Mount Shamrock Township, 1908. Collection of Geraldine Mate.

Moving the pub at Esk, c1906. The Central Hotel, Esk, was erected on Shady Creek in 1889-90. In 1906 it was decided to move the hotel a mile further up Ipswich Street. Two bullock teams were used.

Collection John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland image 1867

Our demand for resources has changed the land.

Public art installation, ‘A stencil on a post-industrial landscape: Mt Morgan Goldmine 1882-1990’.

Photograph Copyright © Luke Keogh, 2009

People are in their landscape and exploit landscapes.

Taking and using things from the landscape.
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