How people remember the landscape.

The markers of how we remember in the landscape seem to be everywhere.

The poet Anna Wickham (1884-1947) drew her pen-name from the landscape of her Queensland childhood and youth.

‘Places’ are central to the ways in which people construct their understandings of the world.

The crowd cheers as points are scored, yet few spectators at the Suncorp Stadium realise that the stadium is built over some of Queensland’s earliest cemeteries.

Shared memories of places form the threads that people everywhere use to weave their lives and histories together.

At the beginning of the twentieth century Brisbane trailed behind Sydney and Melbourne in the provision of parks and monuments, a defect which troubled progressive citizens.

Scattered across the tropical north of Queensland are hundreds of dead towns. Called into being by mining, they were abandoned when the minerals ran out or proved to be unprofitable.

Since 1876 the Brisbane Exhibition – or Ekka, as it is affectionately known today – has enticed visitors from across Queensland and beyond with the promise of a combination of sights, sounds, taste

As part of the landscape of urban, regional and rural Queensland, roadside memorials remind travelers that death by road accident is both a condition and risk of enhanced human mobility.

Despite its beauty the Queensland coast is renowned as a dangerous place for shipping, with hundreds of vessels coming to grief on coral reefs and rocky shores over the last 200 years.

The young ‘Nellie Melba’ moved with her family to Queensland in 1881, living around the Mackay sugar region until fleeing the tropics in 1883 to launch her singing career in Melbourne.

For those in search of a triumphant colonial past populated with eccentric pioneers, the historic Tinnenburra property located in south-west Queensland is rich pickings.

... and his ghost be heard as you pass by that billabong …

Memorials are to be gazed at, but even a fleeting glimpse of any of Queensland’s war memorials suggests their extraordinary presence in the cultural landscape.