The nutmobile ride at the Sunshine Plantation, home of the Big Pineapple (1971- 2010) outside Nambour. It boasted a trial macadamia nut plantation. Private Collection

Private Collection

John Bucknell Waldron breaking macadamia nuts with his hammer, c1957. Collection State Library of Queensland

Collection State Library of Queensland

Promotional postcard for the macadamia, Hawaii. Private Collection

Private Collection

Postcard of the spectacular Moreton Bay Fig growing in Santa Barbara, California, which was reputedly planted in 1876. Private Collection 

Private Collection

Fig tree roots, c1954

Kenneth Macqueen, Fig tree roots, c1954 Watercolour over pencil on paper. 30.7 x 40.1cm. Private collection

The Moreton Bay Fig Tree, 1869. This engraving from the Illustrated London News, 10 July 1869, p.

Private Collection

Bloom of the silky oak, The Queenslander, 17 December 1931

Silky oak dresser, 1907. Hand-crafted furniture such as the dresser carved by Nell Bott for the 1907 Women’s Work Exhibition. Collection Queensland Art Gallery

Collection Queensland Art Gallery

Grevillea robusta Cunningham (silky oak), c1880s

This watercolour by the prominent flower/ botanical painter Marian Ellis Rowan (1848-1922), Grevillea robusta Cunningham, c1880s 55 x 38 cm, in the collection of the National Library

Mango plantation. The dark green foliage of the mango both in suburban backyards and in plantations has helped shape the vision of tropical Queensland.


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