I pretend it is a hundred million years ago, 1987

Jeannie Baker’s children’s picture-book, Where the Forest Meets the Sea, tells the story of a young boy’s imaginative engagement with the rainforest.

Stop crucifying the rainforest now, 1984.

Collection of the Courier Mail

Len Webb and students at the opening of the Tully State High School Rainforest Reserve, 1982.

Collection of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland

Rainforest Aboriginal people, c1890.

Collection of the Cairns Historical Society, AIATSIS Negative 2111.02

Cutting through the scrub, 1848.

Aerial survey Cooktown to Daintree, Map 1, 1940

Cooktown, QLD
15° 28' 5.3076" S, 145° 15' 1.8252" E
17 January 2013
17 January 2013


Cooktown, QLD
15° 28' 5.3076" S, 145° 15' 1.8252" E

Lands Museum, Queensland

Aerial survey Cooktown to Daintree, Map 1, 1940. This series of maps of areas in Far North Queensland was maintained by the Main Roads Commission as part of road construction projects. The Cooktown-Daintree maps, printed December 1940, were compiled from aerial photographs controlled by a triangulation survey made by the Commissioner's field staff. Collection of Lands Museum, Queensland

Environmental perceptions are seldom straightforward.

Trinidad Garcia, c1939. Events in Europe prompted great changes in the cultural and industrial landscape of the north.

Copyright © Collection of the Noel Butlin Archive Centre, Canberra

South Johnstone strike, 1929. Responses to strikes, such as that in South Johnstone during 1929, rapidly polarised workers according to their ethnic background.

Copyright © Private Collection

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