Block plan, Eagle Street, Longreach

Block plan, Eagle Street, Longreach, south side of Eagle Street between Swan and Duck Streets. Queensland State Archives, 109249.

Annie A. and Alfred E. were charged in 1896 with keeping a disorderly house in central Longreach. Their Eagle Street residence was apparently used for the sale of soft drinks, although Annie and Alfred also slept on the premises. According to police testimony, Annie was a reputed prostitute (although the officer concerned had no first-hand knowledge of this allegation) and three other women, Mary, Ethel, and Annie L., were also seen frequenting the premises. With regards to Ethel and Annie L., the officer noted that ‘in these two instances … it follows that because they are vagrants they are prostitutes’.  He also observed the women were under the influence of liquor; a common indication of disorderly premises. 

Queensland State Archives, 109249

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Eagle Street
Longreach, QLD
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22 October 2010
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22 October 2010