Foco produced a well illustrated and entertaining weekly newsletter to be distributed to its membership, carrying news on coming events, political and cultural matters as well as an interesting ass

Collection of the Fryer Library, University of Queensland

Trades Hall, Brisbane. Trades Hall had long been a centre for radical agitation, from the great strike of 1912 to Peter Beattie’s famous bashing on its steps by overzealous cops after the 1971

Fryer Library, University of Queensland

Foco stickers.The international New Left was well known for the broad range of its publications – from dense theoretical tracts to simple leaflets, badges and stickers.

Private Collection

Foco membership card. Foco was a membership based club – with membership granted only to those who paid a membership fee of around 70 cents.

Private Collection

People, by Eanruig Raibert, 1969

One time he came among us,

We the expresso folk,

Clad in his shroud of culture,

Pride, dignity his yoke.


He moved just like a self styled king,

Amongst his self style serfs,

Sounding his oxford Cambridge vowels,

And speaking toff nosed F’s.


His hairless face, stiff upper lip,

To us it seemed to say,

“How jolly good of me to come,

Thou I haven’t come to stay”.


A socialist is what I am,

I’ll have you all to know,

Just let me do my workers act,

19 February 1969
30 September 2010
30 September 2010

Folk by John Manifold, 1969

They’ve opened a folk expresso bar,

And once for a sort of a joke,

I went to drink Folk expresso there,

And watch the expresso Folk.


The coffee was just the same old stuff,

As you get in the posh caffays,

But something about the customers,

Recalled by grandpa’s days.


They had flowing beards, and flowing manes,

Tho they looked a bit down at heels

And they sang in moody and sankey tunes,

Of their wonderfully high ideals.


The girls had hair like grandma wore,


Brisbane, QLD
19 February 1969
30 September 2010
30 September 2010
Brisbane, QLD
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