Perambulator survey of runs in West Maranoa, 1863

Perambulator survey of runs in West Maranoa, 1863. In the unsettled districts of western Queensland, pastoral boundaries often amounted to little more than a surveyor’s blazed tree. Early plans produced for the Lands Department recorded their location as well as other landscape features. Conducted in 1863, the first survey of the upper Warrego River recorded the location of two Landsborough camp sites. Made on the 9 May 1862, ‘camp 66’ is depicted on the east bank of the Warrego, not far from a ‘well watered creek’ described by Edmund Kennedy in 1847. Within a newly surveyed 32,000 acre block, Landsborough’s ‘camp 67’ is depicted near the junction of the Warrego and Ward Rivers. The Lands Department continued using this map to later record town reserves and land resumptions. Collection of the Museum of Lands, Mapping and Surveying, DERM, Brisbane

Department of Lands
Date captured: 
11 April 2011
Date created: 
11 April 2011
Date issued: 
1 January 1863
Department of Environment and Resource Management, Queensland
Charleville, QLD
26° 24' 4.842" S, 146° 14' 22.7508" E