Glenormiston station, c1930

Glenormiston station, c1930. This black and white photostat map shows Glenormiston station in far western Queensland. Pituri was traded north along the Georgina River into Wangka-yutyurru country and south along the Mulligan River into the major trade networks that operated in the Lake Eyre Basin. The station homestead, where J.A. Coghlan lived in the 1890s, is positioned on Pituri Creek, near Lake Idamea and not far west from the Georgina River. After Coghlan had moved on as manager and ownership had changed hands, in 1922, when portions of Glenormiston were going to be resumed, the Assessing Commissioner J. Kingston described the country as made up of: open and broken downs, low limestone ridges, river and creek flats, scalded and inferior flats and rough hills. The commissioner noted, ‘It is light carrying country, but is safe if not overstocked and is excellent country for raising and fattening heavy cattle.’ Collection of the Queensland State Archives

Original scale: 
four miles to an inch
Date captured: 
3 May 2011
Date created: 
3 May 2011
Date issued: 
1 January 1930
Queensland State Archives
Bedourie, QLD
24° 21' 34.7832" S, 139° 28' 15.4236" E