Cullin-la-ringo run, selection 65, 1877

Cullin-la-ringo run, selection 65, 1877. Sixteen years after the death of Horatio Spencer Wills the trustees of the family estate applied for control of the station. This transfer required that the trustees had the run mapped accurately which was completed on 23 June 1877. The map shows the ‘open downs’ which were the primary landscape features of this part of the run. On the eastern boundary on Stony Creek there are drafting yards, stables, the head station, woolshed and shearers hut. The road from Rockhampton to Clermont can be seen running through the station. This map was among four portions of Cullin-la-ringo which were surveyed in 1877, the final year that the leases for Cullin-la-ringo remained with the sons of Wills. In the accompanying map of selection 68 the location of the ‘Murder of Wills and party’ is marked. Collection of the Queensland State Archives

Original scale: 
20 chains to an inch
Date captured: 
29 April 2011
Date created: 
29 April 2011
Date issued: 
23 June 1877
Queensland State Archives
Gindie, QLD
23° 43' 22.3572" S, 148° 8' 36.132" E