Adolphus Channel with Albany Pass, 1937

Adolphus Channel with Albany Pass, 1937. This British Admiralty nautical chart of the north Queensland coast was completed by Captain W.J.L. Wharton on the surveying ship ‘Paluma’ in 1890. North of Albany Island this map marks both Quetta Rocks and the site of the Quetta wreck. Additions were made to the original 1890 map up until this published version in 1937. Following the wreck of the Quetta, one of these additions to the original chart was to mark a safe passage through the precarious Adolphus Channel. Between Albany Island and the Brother Islands, a line following 123 degrees can be observed that passes from the North Brother island with a high point of 40ft through the channel past Quetta Rocks. With these lines for navigation and additions such as the inset side view on the chart showing the entrance to Albany Island, navigational charts helped mariners survive difficult sea voyages. Collection of the Queensland Maritime Museum

British Admiralty
Publication place: 
Date captured: 
30 June 2011
Date created: 
30 June 2011
Date issued: 
1 January 1937
Queensland Maritime Museum
Albany Island, QLD