Promotional postcard for the Bowen mango. Private Collection 

Close-up foliage, the umbrella tree, Australian Womens Weekly, ‘For windy places’, 27 April 1959, p. 73

The umbrella tree, Australian Womens Weekly, ‘For windy places’ 27 April 1959, p. 73  

In 1913, the Queensland umbrella tree was one of the rare tropical trees imported to embellish the Woodland North Park Cemetery and Mausoleum in, Miami, Florida. Postcard. Private Collection

Private Collection

Huge Bunya Pine, 1927.

State Library of Queensland

This postcard by contemporary Tobwabba artist, Ron Potter, suggests a cultural link between the Aboriginal people of Northern New South Wales and traditional bunya feasts. Private Collection

Private Collection

By the end of the nineteenth century most of these trees were nearing maturity and their distinctive crowns appeared above the canopy of other trees.

Private Collection

Postcard showing the Bunya pine specimens in a pastoral/ cleared setting. Private collection

Private Collection

Timber souvenir

4 March 2015
4 March 2015

'A timber souvenir from the jungle rainforest of north Queensland'. Gudwudguds. Included in this souvenir are: Top and underside – Nth Qld Silky Oak; Left map – Rich stum figured Nth Qld Maple; Right map – NQ Walnut. Private Collection

James Farodulys, Rescued, 1963

The bottle tree is used as a symbol for survival in this painting by the prominent naive artist James Farodulys (1900-75) Rescued, 1963 Oil on board, 29 x 39.5 cm.

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