Edward Stanford's map of Queensland, 1861

1 January 1861
17 November 2010
17 November 2010
Edward Stanford

Edward Stanford’s map of Queensland which accompanied J. D. Lang’s book Queensland, Australia. A highly eligible field for emigration and the future cotton-field of Great Britain, London, Edward Stanford, 1861

The Lebanese community in Queensland began as a small relatively segregated group.

Queensland Royal Mail Steamers, London Emigration pamphlet, c1890. Note the route from London through the Suez Canal direct to Queensland. Courtesy Fryer Library, University of Queensland
Sugar planting in Queensland, Emigration pamphlet, The Times London, c1890 Courtesy Fryer Library, University of Queensland

One of the first provisions made by the new Queensland Parliament in May 1860 was to encourage immigration to the vast land area encompassed by the newly declared colony. By the end of the yea

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