Tinnenburra land sales, 1864
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Tinnenburra land sales, 1864. This advertisement appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald in 1864 regarding the sale of three Tinnenburra blocks and 1200 head of ‘well-bred’ cattle. The land was described as permanently watered, ‘unsurpassed’ in its ‘fattening properties’ and capable of supporting 40,000 sheep. These exaggerated appraisals, however, ignored the presence of Aboriginal people, unaware that their country was being sold off at auction. The advertised Tinnenburra runs were adjacent to stations belonging to the Bogan River Company and Thomas Danger, an early selector in the area. These blocks were later purchased by James Tyson and formed one of the largest pastoral properties in the world. Sydney Morning Herald, 1 March 1864  

Sydney morning herald 1 March 1864  

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