Sandgate land reclamation, 1937
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Sandgate land reclamation, 1937. These images appeared in the seventh annual report of the Department of Labour and Industry on the ‘operations and proceedings’ under the Income (Unemployment Relief) Tax Acts, 1930 to 1935. To provide work for the unemployed, approval was granted for the reclamation of ti-tree and mangrove swamps at Sandgate. The total cost to June 1937 was just over £4000 and over half came from the Unemployment Relief Fund. Work was carried out under the supervision of the Public Estate Improvement Branch ‘as a full-time job on award rates and conditions’. These images show the progress of the land reclamation scheme. The report stated that ‘besides proving a great benefit to the Greater Brisbane Area by the removal of an unhealthy swamp, the land, when reclaimed would be highly suitable for utilisation as building sites, esplanade, and parking areas'. Each week, an average of 50 gained employment. Queensland parliamentary papers, vol 2, 1937  

Department of Labour and Industry

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25 May 2011
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25 May 2011