Red Cross Journal, August 1917

The Red Cross Journal was the main method of communication used by the Queensland division committee located in Brisbane to correspond with the widely spread and often remote district branches. The publication functioned much like a newsletter by listing goods received and dispatched by the headquarters in Brisbane as well as printing monthly reports of the branches detailing staff changes and goods sent to the Brisbane headquarters. Matron Grace Wilson featured upon the cover of all editions of the journal. Originally from Brisbane Matron Wilson was matron at the Brisbane Royal Hospital before enlisting in 1914 to serve as matron at No. 3 Australian General Hospital on the Greek island of Lemnos where she cared for many wounded soldiers returning from Gallipoli. The John Oxley Library holds an almost complete publication of this journal which ran from December 1915 until August 1919. Collection of the John Oxley Library, Brisbane.

Collection of the John Oxley Library, Brisbane

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5 February 2015
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5 February 2015