Chinese shrine, Cooktown, 1968

Chinese shrine, Cooktown, slide by George Laws, 1968. Collection of the Centre for the Government of Queensland.

A translation near the shrine in 1968 read: The large symbols on the altar read 'Praying Table'. The large symbols on the stone read 'Respect & Dignity'. The small row on the right is the date, 'May 1886' and those on the left 'Erected by the Chinese Community Club' and the names of eleven (sic) Chinese business houses in Cooktown 'Chee Wah Chong', 'Kwong Yee Yin', 'Sun Kum Fung', 'Sun Kwong Chong', 'Yuen Kee', 'Man Wah Chum', 'Wah Sang Wah', 'Hip On', 'Chee Wah Chong', 'Kin Kee', and one Chinese person 'Lee Yan Lai'.

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Cooktown, QLD