St Lucia, c1950

St Lucia, c1950. This Co-Ordinator-General’s Department topographic map of St Lucia from 1 November 1950 has been drawn over in pencil to accommodate new plans for the University Buildings and Grounds Committee. In the original map also note the proposed bridge linking St Lucia to Highgate Hill, and adjacent to the bridge the ‘Area made available by Brisbane City Council to Queensland Government for military training of University Students.’ To the left of this area also note the low lying Smyths Creek which has been largely built over, and the elevated position that the Great Court was built on. Collection of the Fryer Library, University of Queensland, ms UQFL458

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24 February 2011
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24 February 2011
Date issued: 
1 January 1950
Collection of the Fryer Library, University of Queensland
University of Queensland St Lucia, QLD
27° 30' 7.362" S, 153° 0' 23.5656" E