Proposed sugar mill sites, Tully and Banyan area, 1923

Proposed sugar mill sites, Tully and Banyan area, 1923. This detailed map of the Tully River and Banyan area was included as an appendix to the 1923 report by the Royal Commission into the most suitable locations for sugar mills in Queensland. The members of the commission were quite taken with the Tully site, noting: ‘These lands are the most suitable for cane growing that we inspected, and stand out on their own in comparison with other areas brought under our notice’. Proposed sugar mill sites are shown with a red mark. Notably, each of these marks are located in, or adjacent to ‘forest lands’. ‘Smyth’s site’ (Portion 16, and the second mark from the top of the map), appeared to the commission as the most suitable for a sugar mill in the district. The commission reported, ‘The question of a mill and township site, however, including a scheme for drainage, would require to be very carefully investigated by expert surveyors and engineers in order that the most suitable site may be secured.’ With the sympathies of the then Queensland Premier, and North Queenslander, Edward Theodore, this site was later chosen as the location of the Tully Mill and an adjoining township. Tully Mill would become the largest sugar mill in Australia. Report of the Royal Commission appointed to inquire into the most suitable locations for sugar mills which may be erected in the near future, Brisbane, Government Printer, 1923

Government Printer
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13 April 2011
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13 April 2011
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1 January 1923
Collection of the University of Queensland Library
Tully, QLD
17° 55' 58.3284" S, 145° 55' 24.8016" E