Indooroopilly and St Lucia estate, 1895

Indooroopilly and St Lucia estate, 1895.  This map, sheet 11 of ‘McKellar’s Official Map of Brisbane and Suburbs’, depicted the St Lucia estate and undeveloped land where the University of Queensland would be later built. Brisbane city council resumed 976 land parcels for the project. The cottages of the 284 people that were living at St Lucia were also sold off to raise money. Where the carefully sculpted UQ lakes now lie, the left bank of Carmody Creek was lined with land parcels. Later converted into sports fields, the vacant land on the other side was used for the farm school for young men during the Depression. Street names such as Ethel, May and Alice disappeared from the map as the streetscape was replaced with sweeping thoroughfares which curved around new buildings, accentuating the University’s prominence in the newly created landscape. Collection of the Centre for the Government of Queensland

Original scale: 
Six chains to an inch
Survey Office
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Date captured: 
29 April 2011
Date created: 
29 April 2011
Date issued: 
1 January 1895
Collection of the Centre for the Government of Queensland
St Lucia, QLD
27° 30' 7.362" S, 153° 0' 23.5656" E