Geographical expansion of Bufo marinus in Queensland, 1981

Geographical expansion of Bufo marinus in Queensland, 1981. This was one of the first maps to show the pathway of the cane toad across Queensland. The map accompanied the scientific paper investigating the rate and direction of population spread of B. marinus in Queensland. The 1939 inset lists the sites in Queensland where toads were released: A = Mossman, B = Gordonvale, C = Babinda, D = Bamaroo, E = Giru and Ayr, F = Mackay, G = Bundaberg, H = Isis. Notably, the information to create this map came from Queensland Museum surveys in 1974 that asked Queenslanders when they had first seen the toad in their district. From M.D. Sabath, et al, ‘Expansion of the range of the introduced toad Bufo Marinus in Australia from 1935 to 1974’, Copeia, 3, 1981

Date captured: 
28 March 2011
Date created: 
28 March 2011
Date issued: 
1 January 1981
M.D. Sabath, et al