Cyclists' Road Map, Brisbane and Surrounding Districts, 1896

The Cyclists’ Road Map of Brisbane and Surrounding Districts, 1896 was produced by the Surveyor General’s Department in two sheets and priced at one shilling per sheet. It stated, ‘All roads shown on this map have been ridden over by Officers of the Survey Department’. The map key indicates ‘Roads, Railways, Telegraph Stations, Omnibus Stands and Finger Posts’.  It contains comments, speculation and personal observations relating to the state of the roads, amenities and features of the landscape. This is sheet one of two. Collection of the National Library of Australia.

Original scale: 
1 mile to an inch
Surveyor General's Department
Publication place: 
Date created: 
5 August 2010
Date issued: 
1 January 1896
Collection of the National Library of Australia
Brisbane, QLD
Brisbane, cycling, sport