Cape Grenville to Booby Island, 1945

Cape Grenville to Booby Island, 1945. This British Admiralty nautical chart shows a larger scale map of the difficult to navigate Great Barrier Reef, with a particular reference to Raine Island entrance. With shoals, reefs, small islands and ‘numerous sunken patches’, this map of the North Queensland coast shows the precarious waterways that had to be navigated to maintain survival. In the lower part of the map, near the dial showing the magnetic north, it states, ‘unexamined but considered dangerous navigation’. North of Albany Island Quetta Rock and the location of the wreck are marked. Interestingly, this map is also marked with the memory of shipwrecks when in the 1970s the map was used to mark the location of various wrecks. These included: the Quetta wreck , the wreck of HMS Pandora and a canon found on the Great Detached Reef. Collection of the Queensland Maritime Museum

Publication place: 
Date captured: 
30 June 2011
Date created: 
30 June 2011
Date issued: 
1 January 1945
Queensland Maritime Museum
Albany Island, QLD