Bulcock estate land sale Caloundra, 1917

Bulcock estate land sale at Caloundra, 1917. The advertising plan boasts 404 ‘superb sea view sites’ located at a tramway terminus and at a convenient distance from Brisbane. Overlooking the Bribie Passage, the Bulcock estate was the ‘sportman’s paradise for fishing, surfing and boating’. Vance and Nettie Palmer lived at Caloundra from 1925-29. The development from fishing villages to small allotments in the Sunshine Coast region was a feature of Vance Palmer’s well known novel The Passage (1930). Collection of the Museum of Lands, Mapping and Surveying, DERM, Brisbane

Date captured: 
8 April 2011
Date created: 
8 April 2011
Department of Environment and Resource Management, Queensland, 2011
Caloundra, QLD
26° 48' 15.3252" S, 153° 7' 28.1532" E