Brisbane River flood map, 1953

Brisbane River flood map, 1953. This map first appeared in the Courier Mail  2 March 1953 with the caption: ‘The map shows the approximate areas that would be flooded to-day by rains slightly heavier than those received in 1893 allowing for the effect of the Somerset Dam – flood height 20ft at Port Office (Edward Street).’ The map was later reproduced in the Courier Mail on 29 January 1974, the day flood waters peaked in Brisbane, and was re-titled: ‘Warning 21 years ago’ with the new caption: ‘This map shows areas designated flood-prone at 20ft. river level in a State Government warning published in 1953. A similar map was in The Courier-Mail at the time.’ From the Courier Mail, 2 March 1953

Courier Mail
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17 April 2015
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17 April 2015