Nothing beats Queensland, 2011. Tourism Queensland marketing slogan, 2011.

Premier Peter Beattie and the Queensland Government logo, c2000. Peter Beattie photographed at a public ‘unveiling’ beside his government’s new logo.

Queensland coat of arms, 1977. Queensland’s official coat of arms, the oldest State Arms in Australia, granted by royal consent of Queen Victoria in 1893.

Queensland a Stronger State, a Better Life, 1985. Queensland Government slogan, 1985.

Enterprise Queensland logo, 1982. Logo designed for the Bjelke-Petersen government’s ‘Enterprise Queensland’ economic development initiative in 1982.

Queensland Government logo, 2000. Corporate logo designed for the Queensland government by architect Michael Bryce in 2000.

Join the queue for Queensland, 1976. Tourism marketing poster designed by David Fowler in 1976 for the Queensland Government Tourist Bureau.

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Off to the north for warmth, 1935. Tourism marketing poster designed by Percy Trompf in 1935 for the Queensland Government Tourist Bureau.

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Queenslanders, it could be argued, have a predilection for catchy slogans. This distinctive character has long been promoted and exploited by the State’s tourism authorities.

Wet tropics of Queensland, 2008

18 January 2013
18 January 2013
Department of the Environemnt, Water, Heritage and the Arts

Commonwealth of Australia, 2008

Wet Tropics of Queensland, 2008. Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, Commonwealth of Australia

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