Queensland Bush Book Club, Annual Report, 1926

I would like to thank you for your letters and your books. My husband’s mother must have been one of our first readings and she often spoke of the Club. It added such an interest to her life. I think she was the finest type of pioneer I know, and I would like to tell you about her.

She was born near Cunnamulla and during all her life I don’t think she knew a dozen women intimately. She only went to Brisbane twice. But please don’t pity her because she was the happiest woman I know.

1 January 1926
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28 September 2010

Queensland Bush Book Club, Annual Reports, 1921-67, University of Queensland Library

Life for a woman in the Queensland Outback in the early twentieth century featured relentless chores and many hardships.

District between Charters Towers and the coast, 1878

Charters Towers, QLD
1 January 1878
23 September 2010
23 September 2010


Charters Towers, QLD
Government Engraving & Lithographic Office

Copyright © Collection of the National Library of Australia, Map RM 3506

Houses constructed in Charters Towers during the gold rush were later moved to Townsville, 130 kilometres away. Geological sketch map of the district between Charters Towers Goldfield & the Coast, by Robert L. Jack, FGS, FRGS, 1878. Printed at the Government Engraving & Lithographic Office, Brisbane, H.W.Fox lithographer. Collection of the National Library of Australia.

An important aspect of a distinct Aboriginal culture derives from the tradition of travel, and the tangible and intangible goods that were traded along communication routes that criss-crossed Austr

Henry Ah Foo’s Oriental Store, Marshall Street, Goondiwindi, 1906.

Collection of the John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland image 60940

Trade and commerce were key components of the nineteenth century Chinese community of Queensland, and there was a range of business types. At the apex were the large general stores.

Mural "Newspaper Industry", Bowen, featuring the Port Denison Times & Bowen Advocate, established in 1864. The mural depicts newspaper editor Thomas Rayner with apprentice printer William Darwen using the iron hand operated Albion Press in 1887. Postcard, Murray Views Collection c1970-2000.             

© Murray Views Collection

The 'Golden Age' newspaper press lying 20 miles west of the Palmer Bridge at Maytown, used in 1876, c1964. Cumbersome iron hand presses came to northern coastal centres by ship before being tr

© Collection of Centre for the Government of Queensland        

Queensland was colonised in the heyday of press expansion across eastern Australia.

Post and telegraph offices, Mackay, c1908. Postcard Folder, Collection of John Young, Centre for the Government of Queensland

© John Young and the Centre for the Government of Queensland

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