I would like to thank you for your letters and your books. My husband’s mother must have been one of our first readings and she often spoke of the Club. It added such an interest to her life. I think she was the finest type of pioneer I know, and I would like to tell you about her.

She was born near Cunnamulla and during all her life I don’t think she knew a dozen women intimately. She only went to Brisbane twice. But please don’t pity her because she was the happiest woman I know. One parcel you sent almost at the beginning had three books which still contained the name of the giver with a little message from her. It was the name of a well known Brisbane woman, and my mother in law always felt as though she was a personal friend. When the Brisbane papers came she would search the social columns for news of her friend, and was happy for the day if she found her dress described at the races or at a party. I often begged her to write to the lady, but she was too shy. In some of the books I notice that the names of the original owners have been cut out. Do leave them in future because some lonely woman may make a friend in the same way.

Queensland Bush Book Club, Annual Report, 1926