Andrew Tanos who lived above the Sydney Café in Ipswich. Collection of Andrew Tanos

Paradise children in fancy dress, c1891.  Numerous recitals, picnics, magic lantern shows and other entertainments were staged for children’s amusement.

State Library of Queensland image 188470

Girls from Yarrabah Aboriginal Reserve, 1954.

Collection of the Centre for the Government of Queensland

The Jubilee show of 1909 celebrated fifty years since Queensland’s separation from New South Wales. Organisers declared that ‘We intend to show our own people what is being done within and without the State, and we desire to demonstrate to our Sister States and to New Zealand what wealth lies in our fertile soil, in our ore and coal deposits, and in our forests’. In the main ring, the Children’s Display involved 1200 girls performing callisthenics followed by 1500 boys who provided a display of physical drill.

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