Development plan Brisbane roads, 1965

3 March 2015
3 March 2015

Collection of the University of Queensland Library

Development plan Brisbane roads, 1965. This ‘Recommended stage development plan’ for Brisbane appeared in the Wilbur Smith and Associates plan for Brisbane. The different colours denote pathways requiring development: red is stage 1 1965-70, blue is stage 2 for 1970-75, green is stage 3 for 1975-80, and brown is stage 4 for 1980-85. Major developments such as the riverside expressway are shown in this map. With its ‘Street and highway plan’ the transportation study recommended the removal of Brisbane’s trams. From Wilbur Smith and Associates, Brisbane transportation study, vol 1, Queensland Main Roads Department and Brisbane City Council, 1965, p.194. Collection of the University of Queensland Library

Walk on the Captain Cook Bridge, 1973. Residents were invited to walk across the Captain Cook Bridge to commemorate its opening.

Collection of the John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

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