Minjerriba was a giant in the sun

His green back coated with cyprus and gum,

Belly bloated with rich grains of sand,

Eyes brimming with waters so cool,

He stretched for miles in the sun.

And Pacific on the east

Quandamooka on the west

Bathed this giant in the sun.


But Minjerriba's back is now broken;

Men came and tore out his guts;

Stole his rich grains of sand,

Stripped his cloak of cyprus and gum,

Drained water from his ageless eyes

And weakened this giant in the sun.


Oh man! With your machinery and science,

Your greed and callous disregard,

When your savage looting and lying is done,

Will Gods in the future,

If future there is,

Spare you your place in the sun?


Poem by Oodgeroo of the Noonucle Tribe