The Woodford township, 2009

The Woodford township, 2009. With a population of around 5000 people, the township of Woodford is very welcoming to the thousands of campers and day visitors who make their annual pilgrimage to the Woodford Folk Festival. Perhaps the quirkiest town highlight is the greengrocers, ‘Elvis Parsley’s Grapelands’ whose costumed proprietor sings to customers as they shop. Moreover, the op-shop has diversified its merchandise to be able to supply campers with all manner of necessities. Although Woodford itself has not grown perceptibly in consequence of the festival, the contemporisation of the township of Woodford has seen the emergence of larger stores (such as Woolworths and IGA); this development also caters for the influx of visitors during the festival season. Photograph by Ana Stevenson

Collection of Ana Stevenson

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Woodford, QLD
Date captured: 
7 October 2010
Date created: 
7 October 2010