Typical tropical-born Queenslander, 1925

Raphael Cilento’s image of the evolving north Queensland type. In the adjacent text, Cilento explained that: ‘There is, indeed, beginning to be a very definite type of North Queenslander, or tropical-born Australian.... The race is in a transition stage, and it is very apparent that there is being evolved precisely what one would hope for, namely, a distinctive tropical type, adapted to life in the tropical environment in which it is set’. Source: Raphael Cilento, The white man in the tropics: with especial reference to Australia and its dependencies, Commonwealth Department of Health Service Publication no7, 1925.

Dr Raphael Cilento was among the most prominent champions of a purely white north Queensland. Unlike some of his contemporaries, who equated whiteness with Britishness, he conceived the term in more expansively European terms. Cilento himself was of Italian descent.

Publication place: 
Commonwealth Department of Health Service
Date captured: 
30 August 2010
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30 August 2010