Pilkington’s Quarry, 2009

Before Mount Etna was mined, from the 1930s to the 1962, G.M.Pilkington & Co quarried lime on Limestone Ridge, producing burnt lime which was used in processing sugar. The quarry where stone was hewn by hand, four kilns, ore shutes, compressor housing, sheds and tram tracks remain as evidence of an operation which in 1939 employed 26 men. The kilns were wood burning, lit at night, when dense smoke filled the valley, undisturbed by environmental concerns. A picturesque ruin remains of this pioneer industry. Pilkington’s Quarry, 2009.  Kilns are at the base of the structure. Collection of Carol Gistitin.

Collection of Carol Gistitin

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Limestone Ridge, QLD
Date captured: 
27 September 2010
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27 September 2010