Royal Visit, Townsville, 1954

Map of the City of Townsville, overprinted with the route in red to be taken by the Queen through Townsville. After landing at the airport, the Royal Tour proceeded by car down Flinders Street West to the Sports Ground Reserve and then via the Strand, Wickham and Palmer streets to the Wharf to board the Royal Yacht for Cairns. Such maps gave visitors the best vantage points to see the Queen. From a collection of maps, 'Maps of Queensland and Places to be visited', 1954, Collection of the State Archives of Queensland.

Original scale: 
12 chains to 1 inch
Date captured: 
4 August 2010
Date created: 
4 August 2010
Date issued: 
1 January 1954
Collection of the State Archives of Queensland
Townsville, QLD