Paddington tram depot, 1962

Paddington tram depot, 1962. This architectural plan was drawn in July 1962 for the refurbishment of the meal rooms for drivers and workers. Over the month the plans went back and forth between the transport department and architects until this plan became the final copy on 30 July. The plan shows the work spaces on the ground floor with the oil store and the areas for the carbuilders and electricians. These plans were never carried out as the Paddington bus depot burnt down on 28 September 1962 taking the whole building, 65 trams and the possibility of a new meal room. The depot was never rebuilt and signaled the end of Brisbane’s trams. Collection of the Brisbane City Archives

Date captured: 
3 March 2015
Date created: 
3 March 2015
Collection of the Brisbane City Archives
Brisbane, Trams