Australian flowers tablecloth

One of the plants illustrated in this tablecloth depicting ‘Australian flowers’ is anomalous. The range of Australian native flowers depicted include the waratah (identified as the floral emblem of New South Wales), bottle brush, Sturt’s Desert Pea (the floral emblem of South Australia), wattle (identified as the national flower of Australia) and others (Blue leschenaultia (Leschenaultia biloba), Geraldton wax (Chamelaucium inicatum), Twining guinea flower (Hibbertia dentate), Darling pea (Swainsons galegifolia), Star of Bethlehem (Calectasia narragra more commonly known as the blue tinsel lily), nodding blue lily (Stypandra glauca) and red bloodwood (Corymbia gummifera) but there is also a non-native, the scarlet-coloured poinsettia, described here as Mexican flame leaf.

Date captured: 
28 January 2015
Date created: 
28 January 2015
Copyright © Collection of Glenn Cooke, 2015