Cover of D.A. Herbert, Gardening in warm climates, Sydney, Angus and Robertson, 1952

Collection of Jeannie Sim

The interest in potentially economically valuable plants (for food, timber, dyes, fabric, and drugs) was part of the concerted effort given by colonial governments towards providing botanic gardens

Brigalow land sale, 1973

1 January 1973
22 October 2010
22 October 2010

Collection Queensland State Archives

Free plan for Brigalow land sale, west of Rockhampton in 1973. The plans were drawn by Survey Office and published by the Department of Lands, Brisbane. Good quality plans could be purchased from the Survey Office, this plan on thin tracing paper was for free distribution. Collection of Queensland State Archives

Pulling brigalow scrub with chain and hiball, and rotary slasher in brigalow suckers, 1964. From R.W. Johnson, 'The ecology and control of Brigalow', 1964, Plate 24 and 60

Brigalow suckered country near Tara, reclaimed by burning off and stocking with five sheep to the hectare in the late 1930s. Note the water-filled melonholes. Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Plate IXb

15-20 year old suckers being axed at Hannaford, 1939, Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Plate VIIIa, 1939 

In Burning off, Dorothea MacKellar, author of My country, celebrates the destruction of native bushland as a ‘great and old’ tree becomes ‘A red-hot column whence fly the sparks,

Here's hopin', cover of the Queenslander, 16 August 1934. The romanticised image of the lone gold prospector was not the reality in Queensland. Collection of Geraldine Mate

Collection of Geraldine Mate

Gold regions Australia, 1850s

21 October 2010
21 October 2010

Collection of the National Library of Australia

Australian gold regions, 1850s. From Atlas of Australia with all the gold regions, engraved by Sidney Hall, J. Bartholomew and W. Hughes, Edinburgh, A.C.Black, 1850s.

This Atlas produced in Edinburgh from 1850s, shows the major gold deposits in Victoria and New South Wales, with some areas in Moreton Bay (part of New South Wales and North Australia).

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