Walk on the Captain Cook Bridge, 1973. Residents were invited to walk across the Captain Cook Bridge to commemorate its opening.

Collection of the John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

Brisbane bus, 1961. When this image appeared in the Brisbane City annual reports in 1961-62 the caption read, ‘Part of the City’s modern bus fleet’. Collection of the Brisbane City Archive

Collection of the Brisbane City Archive

Buried tram tracks West End, 2010. These tram tracks, in the foreground, were uncovered when Brisbane City Council workers were digging out a new transport hub at the West End ferry stop in 2010.

Copyright ©Celmara Pocock, 2015

Proposed Brisbane tramways, 1887. The Metropolitan Tramway and Investment Company made a series of improvements to the Brisbane tram network after they commenced operation in 1887.

Collection of the Brisbane City Archives

West End tram terminus, 1965. This image is of the West End tram terminus which linked with the ferry stop.

Collection of The University of Queensland Library

Brisbane trams commenced operation in August 1885 by the Metropolitan Investment Company with horse drawn cars on a fixed track.

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