Queensland Aborigines' Mission Band, 1918. From Edwin J. Brady, Australia unlimited, Melbourne, George Robertson & Co, 1918. Collection of the Centre for the Government of Queensland

Collection of the Centre for the Government of Queensland

The young ‘Nellie Melba’ moved with her family to Queensland in 1881, living around the Mackay sugar region until fleeing the tropics in 1883 to launch her singing career in Melbourne.

Woodford Folk Festival fashions, 2009. The fashion espoused by the attendants of the Woodford Folk Festival is especially distinctive.  Dreadlocks, henna, kaftans, tie-dye and beads are typical, while eye-catching colour is a predominant feature of the peopled festival landscape. The alternative fashion sense becomes infectious over the course of the festival: South American seed pod hats, Thai fishermen’s pants or Arabian harem pants and Muslim elfin leather shoes are often key purchases for first-time festival goers.

Collection of Ana Stevenson

The Woodford Folk Festival is an annual celebration of culture: the arts, the environment and the carnivalesque. According to Neil Cameron in 1995,

 Affoo Family Band, c1894. Collection of Ah Foo Family

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