Namesort icon Institutional affiliation Expertise
Ana Stevenson University of Queensland Summer Scholar 2009/10 Queensland Historical Atlas
Andy Plunkett
Angela Kreutz
Anne Monsour University of Queensland Lebanese settlement in Australia, 1880 to 1947; immigration history and the White Australia Policy
Anthony Styan James Cook University
Barbara Webster Central Queensland University
Bill Kitson Museum of Lands, Mapping and Surveying
Bill Metcalf Griffith University
Brian Rough Heritage Unit, Brisbane City Council
Bruce Carey
Carmel Black Brisbane City Council
Carol Gistitin
Catherine Dewhirst University of Southern Queensland
Celmara Pocock University of Southern Queensland Queensland Historical Atlas Editorial Board Member.
Chris Dawson Queensland prison history, capital punishment in Queensland, Brisbane southside suburban history
Chris McConville
Chris Salisbury University of Queensland Postdoctoral Fellow in the Centre for the Government of Queensland.
Claire Brennan James Cook University
Clive McAlpine University of Queensland
Clive Moore University of Queensland
Colin Sweett National Library of Australia
Colleen Wall
Dale Kerwin Griffith University
Danielle Miller University of Queensland
David Carter University of Queensland
David Mewes Queensland Museum
David Trigger The University of Queensland
Deborah Jordan University of Queensland
Denis Cryle Central Queensland University
Elizabeth Huf
Francesca Rendle-Short... RMIT
Geoff Ginn University of Queensland Environmental and urban history, Queensland colonial history, heritage and memory, museum studies.
George Megalogenis The Australian
Geraldine Mate Queensland Museum and James Cook University
Glenn Cooke Queensland Art Gallery
Gordon Briscoe
Hank Szeto Thinking Cap Consulting User interface design and software engineering
Helen Gregory
Hilary Whitehouse James Cook University
Hilda Maclean University of Queensland Victorian Era burial practices, historic cemeteries, headstones, funerary symbolism
Imelda Miller Queensland Museum
Isabel Hoch
Jan Wegner James Cook University
Jane Lennon
Janet Spillman University of Queensland
Jeannie Sim Queensland University of Technology
Jeff Powell Queensland Museum
Jennifer Harrison University of Queensland
Joanna Besley Museum of Brisbane
Joanne Scott University of the Sunshine Coast
Joanne Watson
John Coombs
John Young
Jon Piccini University of Queensland Summer Scholar 2009/10 Queensland Historical Atlas
Jonathan Richards Griffith University
Judy Powell
Karen Phillips James Cook University
Kate Quirk Queensland Museum Social archaeology of the colonial era, particularly class, gender and the construction of identity.
Katelyn Barney The University of Queensland
Kay Saunders University of Queensland
Kerry Heckenberg University of Queensland Making and reception of Australian art in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, particularly the relationship between art and science
Kevin Rains
Lara Cain Gray Queensland Museum
Leonie Seabrook University of Queensland Landscape ecology and ecological history, human and environmental causes of landscape change
Les Isdale Mapping Sciences Institute, Australia. Cartography
Liz Manning University of Queensland
Luke Keogh University of Queensland
Maree Stanley University of Queensland
Margaret Cook The University of Queensland
Margaret Gibson Griffith University
Margaret Maynard University of Queensland
Marion Stell University of Queensland General Editor and Project Coordinator, Queensland Historical Atlas
Marjorie Gilmore
Mark Emmerson University of Southern Queensland
Mark Finnane Griffith University
Martin Gibbs University of Sydney
Maureen Fuary James Cook University
Maurice French University of Southern Queensland
Megan McCarthy
Melissa Harper University of Queensland
Merv Volker Workshops Rail Museum, Ipswich (volunteer)
Michael Westaway Queensland Museum
Michael Williams The University of Queensland
Nicole Bordes University of Queensland
Owen Powell University of Queensland
Paul Blake Geological Survey of Queensland Geological Mapper with an interest in the history of the Geological Survey of Queensland.
Paul Turnbull University of Queensland
Peter Griggs James Cook University
Peter Osborne
Peter Spearritt University of Queensland
Rae Wear University of Queensland
Regina Ganter Griffith University 'Pearling'. ARC Future Fellow,
Richard Gehrmann University of Southern Queensland
Robert Mason University of Southern Queensland
Robin Sullivan The University of Queensland
Robin Wagner Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Rodney Sullivan The University of Queensland
Rosita Henry James Cook University
Ross Laurie Historian and joint author Showtime (2008). Sadly Ross passed away in 2010
Russell McGregor James Cook University Historian of racial ideas and representations of tropical Australia.
Ruth Blair University of Queensland
Samantha Littley
Sarah Minty University of Queensland
Sean Ulm James Cook University Australian archaeology; cultural and environmental change in coastal regions of the Pacific Basin; marine radiocarbon dating; archaeomalacology; contact archaeology
Sheilagh O'Brien University of Queensland Summer Scholar 2009/10 Queensland Historical Atlas
Shelley Greer James Cook University
Susan O'Brien Queensland South Native Title Services
Susan Ward University of Queensland
Toni Risson University of Queensland
Trish Barnard Queensland Museum
Trish FitzSimons Griffith University
Val Donovan
Valerie Dennis
Yorick Smaal Griffith University